• Medication

    Since 2012, West Virginia Rx has dispensed $180 million dollars in medications

  • Patients

    For West Virginians who are not able to afford their prescribed medication.

  • Clinicians

    WVRx helps West Virginian's get the medicine they can't afford!


Step 1

Download and print the enrollment forms


You may also obtain enrollment information by:

Sending an e-mail request to: wvrxinfo@wvrx.org
Calling WVRx toll-free at 877-388-WVRx (877-388-9879)

Step 2

Complete the application


Complete the application and gather necessary attachments. These will vary depending on your unique situation, but may include:

Proof of Household Income
Medicaid Denial Letter
Unemployment Documentation
Workers' Compensation Letter

Step 3

Mail in your WVRx application


Send your application along with necessary documentation (e.g., proof of annual income) and $30 annual processing fee* to:

WVRx Patient Eligibility
1520 Washington Street East
Charleston, WV 25311

Why Is WVRx Needed?

  • Most uninsured patients represent charity care for hospitals. In 2006, the cost of charity care in WV hospitals was $231 million, up from $178 million in 2004, a 75%…

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What Are We Doing?

  • Simplifying and streamlining the dispensing of brand name medicines donated by manufacturers.
  • Providing a user friendly service for patients, doctors and…

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How Are We Doing This?

  • We are developing and maintaining a network of patient advocates, doctor’s offices and clinics throughout the state and working through them for patient referrals.…

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