What is West Virginia Rx? (WVRx)

West Virginia Rx is a statewide mail order prescription access program for your uninsured patients. Access to costly prescription drugs should be easy for both the prescriber and the patient. Connecting patients with medications can be time consuming and costly. West Virginia Rx can help take the burden off of doctors, clinics, hospitals and other points of entry where medication access is an issue.

What can West Virginia Rx do for health care providers?

  • Reduce the paperwork burden on staff for patient prescription assistance.
  • Save staff time and reduce non-billable costs associated with filling out patient assistance forms and helping patients navigate the health care maze on behalf of the clinician.
  • The West Virginia Rx uses a state of the art software system developed in-house that is HIPAA compliant and easily accessed by a qualified Business Associate of WVRx upon execution of a BAA agreement. This reduces replication of requests for documents needed to help patients obtain medications free of charge

There are several ways to help your patients enroll:

  • The Enrollment Forms are located on the WVRx website, which may be copied and openly distributed to patients.
  • Call 877-388-9879 and West Virginia Rx will fax an application.
  • Email for an electronic copy of the enrollment packet for reproduction.
  • Provide the toll free number 877-388-9879 to your patients and West Virginia Rx will take care of the rest!

Your patients qualify for free medications if:

  • They live in West Virginia
  • Their yearly income is between 139% and 250% of the Federal Poverty Level for MOST brand name medications. This threshold can be over 250% and up to 500% of FPL for some medications, especially oncology and other specialty drugs. WVRx can help ALL patients even if he or she has a income that is over eligibility limits for WVRx medications
  • They do not receive government assistance such as Medicaid, Medicare Part D, or Veteran’s Benefits (Senior Citizens needing help can participate in our "Over 65 Patient Assistance Program".
  • They do not have prescription drug coverage
  • They can provide a photo ID

West Virginia Rx can fill and mail brand-name medications for your patients from major pharmaceutical companies with an efficient turnaround time for patients who are enrolled.

West Virginia Rx can complete individual patient assistance forms for medications that are not on our formulary and return to you for signature and mailing, which reduces staff time, the paperwork burden, and costs associated with processing PAP applications.

If you currently provide your patients with individual patient assistance program services, learn how West Virginia Rx can help you reduce the time it takes!

Please remember:

West Virginia Rx does NOT fill generic prescriptions.
West Virginia Rx does NOT fill or handle any controlled drugs.